7-UP constructs a new group of towers that echo seven historic towers of the Ballymun community. The new set consists of three residential buildings, one with artists housing, another of writers' studios, and the sixth, a viewing platform back onto the city. An existing chimney is the seventh and final tower, and is used to ventilate the art gallery on the lower floors. Production spaces (of both art and energy) encourage public engagement and an open exhibition space slices through the ground level, opening up the building on three sides and tying the tower strips together. Sited on the grounds of a former coal-fired collective power plant that has come to symbolize the inefficiencies of the past, 7-UP transforms a site of consumption into a site of production

TYPE : Cultural Residential Urbanism Speculative

CLIENT : Ballymun Council

STATUS : Europan 10 Competition (Open), Completed 2009


LOCATION : Dublin, Ireland