Library X Museum


The Taichung City Cultural Center is organized around five large voids. Each void is the result of a sectional shear between library and museum spaces, resulting in a third spatial type constructed upon the shared possibilities of each. The library and museum define the poles of personal and mass experience within the public sphere, setting up a range from engagement from the individual to the collective. The voids embody distinct atmospheres linked to environmental performance, and defining an iconic image for each locus. Museum and library programs are inverted across a sectional meniscus that unites hybrid programs across the organizing plane.

TYPE : Cultural Urbanism Taiwan

CLIENT : Taichung City Government

STATUS : Competition (Open), Completed 2013

DESIGN TEAM : Ryan Botts, Eunike, Nathan Keibler, Anneli Rice, Ian Searcy, Tsvetelina Zdraveva, Albert Pope

LOCATION : Taichung, Taiwan